This is a small introduction to some of the extremely talented artists and instructors at our studio.



Marguerite has made the most of her meandering career path by combining her education in business (with art classes and art history thrown in at every opportunity) as well as her experience in the corporate world followed by tech writing, which comes in very handy as she sports all hats running art & class since the spring of 2010.



Richard was born in Glasgow, Scotland. Some of his earliest memories are of drawing and painting. He continued to do both after university and eventually started taking painting lessons from friends who were professional painters. Richard enrolled at Oxford Brookes University and achieved a Batchelor of Arts degree in Fine Art, First Class Honours. As well as painting, he has made several short films, one of which was sponsored by Channel 4. Richard emigrated to Ontario in 2016 with his Canadian wife. Richard now teaches drawing, watercolour, acrylic, and oil painting here at Art & Class.